Ancient Corinth

Camera Safe-Areas

Two of the features we want to bring to the viewer are camera collision detection (so the camera doesn’t walk through walls) and terrain following camera (so the camera moves up when the terrain height increases, and then back down when the terrain lowers).

Unfortunately, CesiumJS has no native features for either, and they are not trivial features to code. Well CesiumJS has a basic terrain following feature called “clamp to 3D tile”, but it’s not perfect. It’s designed to clamp 3D objects to a mesh, and clamping a camera is proving challenging. Read more

Niagara Glen Bouldering-Central

3D Tiles for more efficient 3D data streaming

3D Tiles technology has been integrated to display environments of any size to any device, even a smart phone.
The technology is relatively new, but it’s improving every day. We are fortunate to be able to shape the direction this tech is growing into. Read more

Photogrammetry using 360deg cameras

Website content in flux

The website content is still being worked on. Changes are still happening daily, while I figure out how I want to convey the message that’s in my head.


Historic City of Ayutthaya

Currently working on processing images of the historic city of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya in Thailand. This UNESCO recognized heritage site was photographed by CyArk a few years ago, and the images are publicly available for anyone wishing to reconstruct a 3D model. Be warned that there are over 12,000 images to process.
This is going to be a huge environment to explore.

Looking forward to adding this model to the gallery once it’s ready.

For reference 14°21’21.1″N 100°33’30.7″E (14.355858, 100.558533)

The first demo

After a bunch of work, the first tool to explore environments is up.
The first environment to explore is a small set of statues from Calgary, AB, Canada that was captured when I traveled there for the Terminus Dark Electronic music festival earlier this summer.

The viewer I’m using is CesiumJS along with a sprinkle of customization to allow for the first person perspective.

Be aware this is a pre-pre-alpha, hack of a tool. However I have been told my many trustworthy sources that if you’re not embarrassed by your first product release, you’ve waited too long to release it. So in that spirit, the first release is out.

Check out the Gallery page for updates.

The Famous Five Statues