We have rolled out several changes to the platform which you may find useful.

FLY Navigation

Switching navigation modes has had a facelift, and now it’s more intuitive which mode is currently active.
We have also added a new FLY navigation mode. This mode gives the user the ability to use WASD keys to fly, and R/F keys to move up and down (like being in an elevator, moving up and down in altitude)

Movement Speed

On the topic of navigation, the user now has control of the movement speed from two locations.

  1. In the Settings pane, the movement speed can be adjusted from the FPY/FLY Movement slider. This speed is applied to both the FPV and FLY navigation modes when using the keys WASD to move around.
  2. Using the SHIFT key will a speed boost when using the WASD keys


We have enabled Antialiasing for all the models. The effect is subtle but it provides a smoother and cleaner display.

Antialiasing effect turned OFF
Antialiasing effect turned ON

If you want to toggle the effect ON/OFF the option is available in the Settings pane.

Bug Fixes

Fixed several issues in AR mode not displaying properly on some devices.