As some of you have noticed, we’ve recently updated the asset and project description fields on our platform.

Why Change?

We opted for a more simplified text editor to enhance consistency and control over how descriptions appear across different user views. Previously, the rich text editor allowed for varied font styles, sizes, and colors, which sometimes resulted in cluttered and distracting text.

What’s New?

The new editor streamlines formatting options to just bold, italic, and hyperlinking. Here’s how you can use these features:

  • Bold and Italic: Simply select the text you wish to modify and click the corresponding button to apply the effect.
  • Hyperlinks
    • Type your text and select it,
    • Click the “Insert/edit link” button,
    • Enter the URL,
    • Confirm by clicking the blue “Enter” button or pressing “Enter” on your keyboard.

We hope this update makes your experience smoother. Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions in the comments below!