We’ve recently added a new method of geo-refencing your assets on Construkted Reality.

The old geo-referencing method involved adding approximate coordinates for the asset location and then using visual tools to refine the position of the asset. This method works for placing an asset in the general location but is not very precise as it’s based on visual cues.

The new method is based on selecting GCP (Ground Control Points) on your 3d model and entering the exact latitude, longitude and altitude of each GCP. This method of geo-referencing provides precise positioning of your asset on the virtual globe.

The video below provides an overview of the process.

For this method of geo-refencing to work you will need at least 3 GCP in your asset. There is no upper bound to the number of GCP that can be used. We tested with up to 13 GCPs with great sucess.

One thing to note is that the altitude surveyed for your asset may be different then the altitude of the terrain on the virtual globe. Your asset may either end up floating too high above the terrain, or won’t display at all meaning it’s below the terrain.

We have provided an Altitude Offset field in the editor which will allows you to ender a manual offset so that the model appears on the virtual globe terrain.

Give it a try for yourself!