This 12-hour online course is for everyone, who wants to learn the fundamental skills required for successful land and aerial photogrammetry projects. You will be learning photogrammetry by doing it and I will be guiding you throughout the whole course. I will cover the following topics: planning your photogrammetry projects; taking photographs and videos for photogrammetry; basic workflow; solving most common problems; cleaning, polishing, simplifying and exporting results; presenting results as images or 3d models online.

The whole course is delivered on-line using ZOOM and consists of 4 sessions and also some homework. Nothing is pre-recorded, the whole course is real-time on-line tuition.

I am a photogrammetry professional, education professional and a drone pilot. So choosing my course you can be sure that I not only know how to do land and aerial photogrammetry, but I also know how to teach it.