Our vision is to give everyone the ability to see and understand our physical world through a virtual representation.

The planet and all it's incredible history, culture, geography and natural beauty belongs to everyone.

The mission is to create tools that empower people to capture, explore and build communities around a digital copy of the planet.

Every 3D scan represents not only a physical location but also a snapshot in time. We believe that the digital copy of the world should be available to everyone to access, experience and learn from.


Adrian Onsen


Emeric Beaufays

    Zhefeng Jin

    Senior Developer/GIS Specialist

    Jin works in the backend and the frontend part related to CesiumGS.

    Stefan Ciorici

    Senior Developer

    Mekki MacAulay

    Business Advisor

    About us


    This platform is the foundation of the project. Sharing your 3D captures contribute to capturing a moment in time in 3D.

    No 3D scan is redundant even if its of the same location or asset. That's because each scan was very likely taken at a different point in time and hence capture the state of that asset at the time of the capture which will likely be different from previous and future scans.

    With each 3d scan you help us build a better copy of reality. Since 'Truth" reflects the consensus of the majority, the more data we can capture of the same location, the higher the level of truth we can attain about the physical world. 

    Alongside the data capture, we are building social tools for building communities and social networking functionality.


    To give you the feeling of "being there" and ability to explore the 3D model from a first person perspective we have created several tools:
    FPV Exploration:

    • On the desktop web version of the website there is a FPV mode which enables the user to "walk" inside the 3D model and experience it as if being there.
    • On mobile devices we have an AR experience mode. It turns your mobile device into a "window" into the virtual world. You can walk around the physical world, but see the "Mirror World" on the other side of the screen.
    • VR mode is a work in progress. You can be transported into your 3D capture and experience the space as a virtual world.

    We are currently pushing the boundaries to bring more ways to interact with the digital models in a more effortless and enjoyable ways.


    To gain insight from your 3D data you need to be able interact with it. We already have tools for :

    • geo-locating the asset,
    • taking measurements within the 3d asset,
    • annotating, marking up and collaborating on conversations around specific points on the 3d asset.

    More tools are planned to give you more value in working with 3d data on the web.