Els Vilars Fortess

Els Vilars Fortess, SpainPhotogrammetry model created from Open Heritage 3D assets.For more details on the raw data, visit Open Heritage AllianceAsset DOI: 10.26301/eh15-4094

Ses Aiguades Cave

Debris mound in Ses Aiguades Cave. Includes roman era amphora parts.Scanned October 2020 by John Kendall - www.johnkendall.com

HMT Fortuna

Wreck of HMT Fortuna.Dived 19th August 2020.  55m for 97 minutes.  11C at depth, 15C on deco.Attacked and sunk by German aircraft off St Abbs Head 2nd April 1941 with the loss of a...

Rod’s Farm

Farm property