The Ft. Pickens Jetties is one of the most popular shore diving sites in the Florida Panhandle. This site is easily accessible from the north seawall steps west of the fishing pier. This site is one of the main SCUBA training dive sites in the area. This aquatic preserve holds a great dfeal of marine life including Grouper, Snapper, Flounder, Guitarfish, Sheepshead, Red Drum, Stargazer, Porcupine Puffer Fish, and many more. The rocks also serve as a nursery habitat for many species of tropical fish. Gobies, Blennies, Damselfish, Jawfish, Eels and more are prominent residents.

This model is of a military rocket launcher that can be found near the bottom of the site. Although lost to the depths, it serves as a notable landmark of the site.

Model is large as a proof of concept, to be able to see the finer details of the subject.

963 photos (12 megapixels each)

Depth map – High quality, Medium filtering

3D model (17,547,187 faces, High Quality)


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