The Cathedral of Santa Maria d’Urgell is a Catholic church located in the town of Seo de Urgel (province of Lérida), seat of the Bishopric of Urgel. It is the only entirely Romanesque cathedral in Catalonia, considered a unique example of Romanesque art in Catalonia for its Italianate characteristics, highly visible in the ornamentation of the facade and the open gallery of the chevet. The present church dates from the 12th century and is presided over by the Virgin of Urgell (Magna Parens or Magna Domina Urgellitana), patron saint of the city. This 13th century polychrome carving, located inside the apsidiole of the main altar, is of Romanesque style and was restored in 1922 by Pere Mongolet. It is also known as Our Lady of Andorra, because according to tradition she had been hidden in Andorra during the Saracen invasion.