A favorite dive site off the south shore of Bermuda. Comprised of rougly 2011 photos from JPG shot on GoPro 11. Processed in Metashape for the Accupixel Course.

Sunk in 1985, visible coral growth is amazing to see after almost 40 years.

Note: More details to be added such as the cargo hold and engine room.

History The Hermes is a small steel boat, 165 feet long. Its original purpose was as a U.S. Coast Guard buoy tender, and it maintained navigational buoys until the end of World War II.

This dangerous job involves visiting the buoys, which can be left in the water for years at a time, and checking for damage. In rough conditions, examining and replacing the buoys is harder than it looks, but it’s a vital job to ensure safety on the water.

source:  https://www.thebermudian.com/culture/our-bermuda/shipwreck-stories-the-hermes/